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Kegels on days Off?

Kegels on days Off?

Hope I’m not posting too often, but I’m really interested in everyone’s help and advice.

My main question now is whether I should do Kegels on my days off? I just completed 5 days of pretty good workouts and now, after about 5 weeks of PE, I’m finally starting to see some results!!

I have not kept real good measurements until I started reading here on Thunder’s Place all the good info. I did measure girth erect before I started and it was 4 3/4”. As of yesterday, it’s 5 1/8”. I am not sure about length gain, but if there was any, it wasn’t much. As of now, I’m 6 3/8” erect BP. My dick is really starting to change now. I really like to feel the difference in texture. Also, veins are starting to really show up! I feels like a completely new dick!! Now I’m really starting to get excited about PE!!

My goal is 8” Erect BP and 6” Girth. I am really starting to believe it’s possible!!!

Oh, another question I need help on is about increasing Head or Glan size. I would really like to make it bigger. I have looked for info on this, but havn’t really found anything that tells me plainly what to do and if I should do it during a regular workout or should it be done at a different time? Also, since I’ve only been doing PE for about 5 weeks, should I wait awhile?

Thanks in advance, this is a really great site!!!

No you’re not posting too much. This is what the newbie forum is for. Its always good to check for old posts using the search button, but if you can’t locate appropriate info then post away.

Personally I don’t do kegels on my day off. For me a day off is a day off. <- (period)

The PC muscle is exactly that a muscle and probably could use time off if your training is to hit the burn. I don’t hold with all this body building stuff though :D I think exercise that doesn’t push it will produce a good tight muscle without excess bulk.

Wait until you’ve completed two months jelqing before starting serious squeezes, the sadsak and uli#3 (both in the faq) will improve the size of the glans.

Terrific girth gains btw. Another believer is born :)

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