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I am finding it extremely hard to take a lot reading!! Mainly because I pull up to 12 o’clock, kegel, and almost as soon as I start to move down the clock my kegel releases. I don’t think I’m pulling to hard on my dick.

Surely this isn’t a paticularly high lot but a weak kegel?!

Which brings me to my next point… How do I know if I’m kegelling correctly/sufficiently? It seems to me quite a difficult task as one cannot really observe what one is doing.

Would clenching my buttocks with the kegel help?



goto 12 do a kegel, if feel tugback then keep going.
goto 11 do a kegel, if feel tugback then keep going.

i.e. do a kegel each time you move down.

The point where you don’t feel any tugback is your LOT.


Kegels are best done when you totally isolate the muscle in question, so try not to involve your buttocks at all. Just the internal muscle used to stop urnine flow will isolate it for you. Practice makes perfect. The more you do, the easier and more natural it becomes.

Oh nooooooooo!!

I have an extremely low lot!!! about 6:30/ 7:00!!!

Does this mean I’m going to be a really slow gainer?? Has bibs lot theory so far turned out to be very acurate? I hope not.


It means you may have a slightly harder time gaining length. People have gained with low LOT’s. Many have a low LOT, I have a low LOT too (Calm down dear, it’s just a commercial! ;) ).


lol. I hate those fucking ads!!

yeah but ‘I have a low lot too’ …. have you made good gains? Do you hang?

Yeah those ads are pretty faux, but funny.

Well since you ask Zigga, I made a great approx 0.5” length gain in about a month (6.5-7”). Then I started hanging and after about two months I reached 7.25”. Then I stopped PE to work harder at uni. I am slowly getting back into PE, but my max BP is about 7” now.


Fair enough.

By the way, I just realised I’ve got over 20 threads so I can post in the main members forum right? Oh yeah and I get avatar…what is avatar? How do I put those different smiley faces on my replies?


The smiley faces are accessible by posting shortcuts to the image. View this page Which is normally accessible via the Smilies link in the posting rules box (scroll down).

So for example : + ) = :)

An avatar is a 100 X 100 pixel image/animation you can have under your name. A lot of people will recognise you for your avatar so chose wisely. If you have something nerdy like scrabble tiles you are bound to be labelled a loser. oops!


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