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Kegels - how long before results

Kegels - how long before results

hey guys i was just wondering how long it takes to actually see results from doing kegels and to become able to clamp down hard enough to stop ejaculation? i’ve been doing them for about a month now. i started doing 10 sets of 10 second holds and adding 5 sets every 2 weeks. i’m only doing long holds because i figure thats what i need to do when i want to hold off ejaculation


Are you doing 10 sets a day fort 10 sec hold each? If you are you need to up the anti a little. 10 a day doesn’t cut it, follow the newbie routines specified 50 kegels a day for 5 sec hold each, shit you can do even more than that, kegels never hurt anything.

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headshrinker, that capability doesn’t come easily. You’ll see some results in 2-3 months. Don’t expect to master it in less than a year of training and exercising.

Do also a few longer holds of 30 sec. and 1 minute!

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Most people say it takes 2 months to really notice a difference, including during intercourse. I would say 6 months to be able to use the resulting skills it at your will.

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