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Kegels destroys my EQ

Kegels destroys my EQ

I have had great EQ after jelqing for a while, then i started with about 10 kegels (1-sec) every other day. After a couple of days i noticed that my EQ was destroyed. My question is if anyone have had the same experience that i have had with kegels? I’m thinking of stop doing them if they are destroying my EQ.

Sorry for my english but i hope you understand.

Take a few days off, till you got your erection back, I think its just temporary.

Perhaps it’s a sign of a weak BC muscle that has become tired after being exercised. Rest days should clear up the issue. Maybe implement an on : off routine for kegels in order to ensure that your muscles are able to recover and keep your EQ high.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Hey man I can kinda see the problem here. You should try 100x 5 second kegels and maybe doing 5 reps of 100 second Kegels. You will actually be trapping the blood in the gooch area and it will become hard after a day of doing this.

modestdarkness: If my EQ goes down with 10x 1-sec kegels, the 100x 5-sec kegels would only make my EQ worse

Could my EQ get better with time if i continue with 10x 1-sec kegels every other day? Have anyone seen decreased EQ from kegels and then a increase?

This is one part of routine by The GreatDivider you can try it, 1 day on 2 days off.
Get an erection, contract your kegel muscles, hit the start on the stop watch. Till you go limp -write down your time, Take about a minute off in between reps and relax your kegels or move around a little.
You can do your kegels in the morning no problem, but you need to be able to see your erection to do this.
- If you can only get 5 or 10 seconds don’t worry, you’ll increase your time on this one fast.

- With this you will see results soon.

Have anyone started with kegels and then got lower EQ and then starting to see improved EQ?

I think kegels are contributing to my low EQ BUT, I think that’s because I have a lot of “trigger points” on my body that cause me to prematurely tense/clench kegel, and when I started doing kegels, I incorrectly thought that keeping it tensed would stave off premature ejaculation, so I trained my body to tense it a LOT.

Knowing how to relax your PC muscle is just as important as exercising it, IMO!

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I do PE Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. I am thinking of doing Kegels Tuesday and saturdays, dont want to overtrain kegels.

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