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Kegels, BC Muscle, and Stronger Erections - Why?

Kegels, BC Muscle, and Stronger Erections - Why?

What’s happening when you strengthen that muscle? How does it actually give you a harder erection if you’re not consciously flexing it during sex or anything anyway?

There are actually two sets of muscles involved. The bulbospongiosus (also called bulbocavernosus, BC, here simple because it rhymes with PC) and the ischiocavernosus. Both respond to voluntary and involuntary stimuli causing contraction. By exercising these muscles with Kegel’s exercise it increases their tone. Increased muscle tone can increase the resting pressure applied to the corpus spongiosum and corpora cavernosa thus increasing erection strength.

(Follow the three links, they help in the explanation.)

Just curious, is this proven elsewhere, or just speculation from research by people on this site?

Not trying to trivialize anything said here, but it’s nice to see something more widely supported.

I made it up.

But it’s based on my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, plus common sense.

A Google search for “benfits kegels men” will provide many pages of links. Most, like this one from the University of California at Santa Barbara, will use “PC” (pubococcygeus) when talking about the pelvic muslces involved during kegels. And PC is correct for women. Knowing where the PC is located and looking at it’s relationship with the penis should make it clear that the PC is not involved at all in kegels for men. However, the stated benefits are what you’re asking about, not minor inconsistencies in terminology.

More from the Google search:…egel-exercises/…27013608AAiQ8RG

On second thought, you may not really be interested in benefits as much as the physiology. I tried to search for “physiology kegels men,” but didn’t get any good explanations of what’s happening in men who do this exercise.

Yeah, was more concerned in what’s actually going on physiologically to give a man a better erection. Your reasoning sounds plausible enough, and it does seem to work. Thanks.

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