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Kegels are BAD

Kegels are BAD


Every time I start the beloved art of “kegeling” my dick feels like it’s retracting.

Hmmm. Maybe because I am using the retractionary muscle of the penis? Thoughts?

When I jelq, when I ads, my dick wants to hang the fuck out and just kick it. When I kegal, my dick wants to shrivel up and be a little bitch.

To put it in more semi scientific terms, the strengthening of any muscle in the body leads to it’s regular force increasing consistantly. This is why you need to work bicepts and tricepts because if you only work one, your arms are going to hang permanantly in one way. Now, I may be mistaken, but isnt the only muscle in the penis close to the tunica and related to keegaling? And the only thing that keeps are penises fat as fuck are those ligaments and those large vascular chambers that out dick uses to fill with blood too pound girls..

Why is my logic flawed. Explain to me why you think Kegels are amazing and should be part of the newbie routine.

I am a newbie. I am a college educated individual and I have studied many matters of the body. I am very curious. GO!

I love my life

For an excellent overview of kegels, the BC muscle, and general penis anatomy, read WestLa’s excellent thread about the BC muscle.

Now, regarding your question, have you tried adding in reverse kegels? I have read many places that advocate reverse kegels as well as normal kegels to strengthen erections and provide better orgasmic contractions, which seems to make sense to me. In addition, reverse kegels have reportedly been used with some success by guys who want to have more orgasm control and find that normal kegels cause them to “lose it” quicker. As for why it’s included in the newbie routine, this is just my own speculation (as I have not gained yet), but many initial gains are supposedly found from better EQ. Kegels is one of the fastest and most effective ways to increase EQ, and even though I haven’t gained I always notice EQ improvements when on a kegel regimen.

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Your argument is pathetic. Go troll somewhere else.

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Whenever I kegel, I hold a normal kegel and then hold a reverse kegel so that my PC/BC muscles receive identical workouts. I usually hold each for 5-10 seconds and continue the exercise for 5-10 minutes whenever I think about it during the day. Don’t worry so much about what your dick is doing during your kegel exercises unless it’s causing your EQ to drop.

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Originally Posted by WhiskeyFish
Your argument is pathetic. Go troll somewhere else.

I don’t know about this being a troll thread but for me personally kegels make my retarded ejaculation worse and cause me to lose erections faster.

Everyone is affected differently.

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I heard that if you only train triceps and quads, you eventually won’t be able to bend your arms and legs.

I’m not sure what the difference between a normal and reverse kegel is, but I do know that after close to 2 weeks since starting kegeling in my routine (1 day on 1 day off, 50 reps), that I’ve become a longer range shooter. Before it was usually 3-4 inches I’d shoot. Now I’m shooting up to 18-24 inches (it turns out that lying down during masturbation isn’t a good idea anymore…) It definitely works. I’ll eventually be moving to 50 reps a day everyday. Hopefully I’ll get to the point where I can kegel to prevent ejaculation.

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