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Kegels and Stretching

Kegels amp; Stretching

Hi everyone,

I posted this in another thread a few days ago but no one answered so thought id ask again as I still don’t think I’m doing them right.

I have read lot of posts, links, everything I could basically find but I still don’t really understand if I am doing kegels right. It says locate the muscle between your scrotum & anus, I have done that but when I try to tense it nothing seems to happen.
How do I do it? When I try to exercise it I seem to suck in my stomach against my bladder so my penis rises up a bit but I don’t think this is correct cause I’m not feeling anything on the muscle I’m supposed to be working on.

I have noticed the skin on my penis is alot looser than it was before I started PEing but I have read in another post that this is normal, I’m just wondering what the best way to hold my penis is to do the stretches, I have tried overhand and underhand, grabbing right against the gland and pulling but my hands seem to slip off within 20 seconds of doing it.

My routine now is :-

Warm up with warm washcloth
Stretch all directions for 1 min (although the mins r broken in 3 as my hand slips off too soon)
500 wet jelqs
Warm washcloth again.

I tried dry jelq to start with but I had a little pain and will probably go back to them when the skin on my penis has gotten tougher.

Thanks for any replies, still sooo glad I found this place, lol.


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To learn to do kegels try stopping the flow of urine when you pee, if you can stop the pee your working the right muscle.
The muscle between anus and scotum is another part of the same muscle that you can learn to use separately. But if you kegel hard enough both muscles will flex and you can feel a tightening at your anus, you probably do this sometimes when taking a dump to help push it out. Also if you have and erection and can lift a towel with your penis up and down you’ll know your doing it right.

For better stretching use baby powder, it gives you a much better grip and works wonders for stretching! And don’t grab by the glands, you can injure yourself that way, grab about a half inch to an inch behind the glands.

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For kegels you simply take a piss and stop the flow, that is what it feels like. Then do them when not pissing!

As for stretching, any grip will do, if you loose the grip after 20 or less seconds just go back and stretch again until you add up all the stretching to 30 seconds or more.

Keep up the good work and don’t over do it.

Good luck.

Yes, it’s amazing how much of a difference baby powder makes when stretching. No more butterfingers!

Thanks for the tips, didnt know about the ‘dumping’ exercise, nicely put, lol.

I tried stretching with the powder and it helped. I find it hard to stop the flow of urine once I start, I guess it just takes practise.


July 2004 :- BPEL - 5.6" EG - 4.5" Goal - 8x6

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