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Kegelling counterproductive?!

Kegelling counterproductive?!

Ok. So I want to start kegelling. Just read an article about the difference between the BC and PC muscles, but I kind of figure you just start squeezing down there and eventually maybe you can tell which are which with experience.

Could an experienced kegeller give me some advice? A good starting routine maybe?

Also, isn’t working a muscle that grasps on to the base of your cock maybe counteractive if your trying to develop length?

The Zigster

What good is an 8 inch cock if you can’t get it up? A healthy PC and BC ensures good blood supply and the muscles don’t act to restrict your PE efforts.

Just start doing a couple of hundred a day in say increments of 20. As you get better, do them in increments of 50 and then 100.

You can do 1 second squeezes as a primary exercise, but also throw in some 3 second holds and also hold for as long as you can. The more you do them the easier they are to do and to focus on. Don’t get your butt muscles involved. Just squeeze the internal PC/BC.

Crikey Zigga, you are busy! Here’s a good routine to have a try with by SS4. I do one similar but with 300 quick one second pulse kegels included before hand, and I do the long kegels first, then the five second ones.

p.s. Don’t be afraid of the search, loads of good stuff here in Thunders.


<Also, isn’t working a muscle that grasps on to the base of your cock maybe counteractive if you’re trying to develop length?>



"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


To me the best reason to kegel is pleasure. Since I’ve been strengthening my pc/bc my orgasms are much more intense and long lasting. When I cum I just keep kegeling, good to the last drop.

Thanks guys!!!


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