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Kegelling and Jelqing only routine

Kegelling and Jelqing only routine

Hi all,

I’m currently for 1.5 month on a kegelling and jelqing only routine. No stretching. Before this, I had been doing the newbie routine PE for 5-6 months, and then I stopped for 2 months. I have unfortunately not measured before so I have no clue how much I have gained already. No stretching. I don’t stretch because it appears to kill my EQ (hardness) and I don’t like that since I don’t have a girlfriend and want to be able to have good EQ when I have my occasional hook up. I am 8.3 inch in length (bone pressed, which for some reason I am sceptic about since I do not look long in my opinion.. But that’s what the ruler says) and 5.3 inch in girth (midshaft, since I am most girthy there.). My goal is mostly girth, but length gains would of course be fine too.

My routine is
8mins - 10s towel kegels
5min warmup with hot rice sock
5mins - 5s C-grip jelqs
5mins - 5s OK grip jelqs
5mins - 5s overhand grip jelqs
5mins cooldown with hot rice sock

I do the above routine each other day (so monday, wednesday, friday, sunday, tuesday.etc). I am very careful for overtraining since I do not want to damage my penis. I feel that doing each other day allows me to rest enough. It feels a bit tired after the workout, but it does not feel tired when I start my next workout.

I was wondering whether not including any stretches will hurt my progress, specifically girth gains? I can understand it will influence my length gains, but as long as my girth gains are not effected I would be fine not including stretching.

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,

They won’t be affected in the slightest, and in my experience they may even enhance girth gains

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Always open to the best way to get that length!

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Your stats are quite big already. Congrats on that!

If stretches kill your EQ, I’m guessing that you’re doing them too vigorously. A reasonable stretch routine shouldn’t negatively impact your EQ.(Or any PE routine, for that matter). Higher erection jelqs will target girth while lower erection jelqs will enhance length.

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It seems you got some results!

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