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kegeling hurting me?

kegeling hurting me?

i have always masturbated while in a tightened kegel position. i did this as a kid because my erection was never very strong and by holding a kegel i would ejaculate faster. i dont think theres been a single time i masturbated without having my penis in a kegel. it was just a natural response for me to do because i knew that by just relaxing and masturbating i wouldnt be able to ejaculate. because of this, i am able to hold a kegel for a long long time. however, in spite of this fact, my erections are still weak. always have been weak. should i stop this kegel habit of mine when i masturbate? the reason why i ask this is because i am trying to pin point the exact reasons for my lack of gains and lack of strengthened erections in spite of all the time ive been jelqing (it has been about a year and i haven’t gained). i have a very strong suspicion that perhaps this has hurt my potential to gain and has hurt my overall penis health

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Most people don’t gain because they don’t PE the way they’re supposed to. Most people grip to hard when jelqing or pull to hard when stretching. Take a look at the thread below and see how Kevin PE’d for a very long time with no gains. He then changed his routine and started to gain, maybe you could do the same.

Kevin’s log…or soon to be “Log”

When you get a chance, give these a read as well Forum Guidelines

19th Feb 2012

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Sounds like you need to visit a urologist and find out why you have (always had) weak erections. S/he can do tests with ultrasound to determine blood flow and may help you discover any physical reasons for your problem.

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