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Kegeling between jelqs

Kegeling between jelqs

Does kegeling between jelqs allow for more blood flow? I feel like I am getting very limited blood flow and would like to try anything to increase it.

Originally Posted by nujabe
Does kegeling between jelqs allow for more blood flow? I feel like I am getting very limited blood flow and would like to try anything to increase it.

Yes, infact I did it today.

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how many jelqs should i have between each kegel, and how long should each kegel be held?

There is not a jelq that I do that doesn’t have a quick kegal before it. I go kegal, jelq, kegal, jelq, kegal, jelq, etc… For the whole 10 minutes. But please don’t mistake this for just doing a kegal between each jelq. It’s not that simple. I litterally use the kegal as a way to get the blood into my jelq. Kegaling should allow you to feel more blood coming in and then you “catch” it and jelq with it. :)

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so should i do a kegel before every single jelq?

It is up to you. No one can actually to tell you to do this or that. They can give you advice in reducing damage and such. Just do it the way you want to. If you think it’s a good thing, then do it. But if experiencing unusual ‘things’ then stop and ask for advice :) Hope this helps. Good Luck with your PE :)

Nujabe, please use your shift key. Thanks.

With jelqing the important thing is to feel as if you are pushing blood in front of your hand and up towards the glans of your penis. If you are not feeling enough blood (pressure) going up, a kegel will help. If you get your lower hand gripping the base of the shaft before you remove your top hand, you may not need to kegel as much, but if you need to kegel before every jelq, then do.

I agree that doing a kegal in between each jelq really gets the blood moving. I have found that since I started doing a kegal before each jelq, my veins, even when flaccid, are more prounounced than before. I even joked, with my wife who’s a nurse (she know’s I’m experimenting with PE), that she could now start an IV (joking, of course…that will NEVER happen) in the veins in my dick!

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Hahahaha @ reeno. Nice joke. Just make sure your wife doesn’t actually try to start an IV line in the middle of the night ;)

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