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I’ve been looking around, and been trying to do kegels but I don’t understand how you can hold them for 3 seconds..

Kegeling, is it when you flex your penis and you feel your muscles inside your anus?

How can you possibly hold this for 3 seconds, I can’t even hold it for 2 seconds.and it’s very uncomfortable, am I doing something wrong?

Next time you go piss try stopping in mid-stream, thats a kegel. Eventually you will be able to hold it for a while.

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Yeah your pelvic floor muscles are just weak (a lot of peoples are, don’t feel bad.) With more training you will be able to hold them longer and longer until 10 seconds is a breeze. Be careful to not overtrain or your will have temporary negative signs (weaker erection, less control over busting and a weaker orgasm.) If this does happen, just take a few days off until things are back to normal, then start doing them again with less reps.

I’m doing 3 second kegels no problem and I only started a week ago. You just got to train the muscles I think.

I hold them for 5 secs with no problem but I sometimes get shoulders shaking!

I know how to kegel. I’m wondering how you hold it for 3 seconds though.

For all you people claiming you can hold kegels for 5 seconds, I think your lying.

5 seconds is not : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in your head.

Next time try, 1 thunder, 2 thunder, etc.

On another note: When I kegel and hold it I feel my anus tighten up, is this a kegel?

I don’t understand why kegel couldn’t be held for 5 seconds?! You say it gets very uncomfortable but that can’t be true. I think you are the only one who complains that can’t hold kegel longer than one or two seconds. And I think it can be held long no matter if PC muscle is weak or strong. On another post I read that you do DLD’s newbie routine. If you look at kegel part of that routine you will see that last kegel should be held for 1 minute. If that was impossible how could it be part of normal routine and many people follow it.

Originally Posted by Inching

For all you people claiming you can hold kegels for 5 seconds, I think your lying.

Thanks, I just held one for 15 seconds and timed it on my watch. Also, that was pretty easy.
Practice is all it takes, I do them every day in sets of 50 every so often. I might do 100 or 200 in a day.

I can hold a kegel for 5 minutes, but after a while it gets really hard because I can’t do it without concentrating 100% on it. So I get bored.

Someone on here (one of the huge gainer veterens) that they could hold it for some ridiculous amount like an hour or two.

Kegeling, is awesome.

I was going at 1 second, 1 second, 1 second for probably a month.. But then it went to 2 and 3 and shot up to about 7-10 the next month. Now I can practically hammer in nails with this thing on a good erection. I wonder how strong those muscles can get?. There seems to be no limit.

Just Keep it up it’ll only get better.

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