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Kegel-which one is better?

Kegel-which one is better?

Hello, I have a question about kegel exercise. I ‘ve been doing kegel for a while. In meantime, I am wondering if I am on the right track. I squeeze the area(insdie) between scrotum and anus for kegel(not tying to squeeze anus) -at least I thought it’s kegel exercise. However, I thought I might be wrong for that and I should need to squeeze only my anus for kegel(I also feel contraction of inside area between scrotum and anus). I try to do both and feel little bit different(degree of feeling contraction). Which one is right for Kegel exericse? squeezing between scrotum and anus (not trying to anus)? or squeezing only anus? I will appreciate you guy’s help in advance!

Check this out by westla:

Locating the bc muscle

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