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Kegel Timer hard to concentrate during kegels

Kegel Timer hard to concentrate during kegels

I’ve made a small program on my PC, because I find it so hard to count or concentrate on anything when doing kegels.. Am I just slow or does every one have this.

It is attached as a zip file. It will run on any Vista or Windows 7 machine. If you have XP you need .NET 3.5 to run it.

Any way what it does is, when you tense your muscle you hold the left mouse button at the same time, this counts how long you exercise the muscle. When you relax you simply let go of the mouse button. Leaving you free to listen to music during the exercise and not worry about counting.

For example I like to do 50 reps of 5 seconds, so I do this and when the timer says 250, then I know I have completed 250 reps. I also know how long my muscle has been exerted for.

If anyone has any ideas for something like this let me know and I can quickly through together another application.

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I promise the file is ok. I made it myself.. I have no interest in uploading a virus .. .Etc

It requires Microsoft .NET to work.

It’s clean so far :)

START: '09/Nov BPEL= 6,3" & EG= 4,3"

GOAL: BPEL= 7,5" & EG= 5"

Don´t have anti virus so I´ ll wait for the OK from you guys. The exe extension scares me a little :p , and you only have 10 post LOL.


Scanned with nod32 and superantispyware free edition. It’s safe.

Shame it won’t work.

Yeah I understand you all take caution.. I just made it to help me and wanted to share it with you guys.. Do any of you think it is useful.. Anyone get it to work. Http://…&displaylang=en is the link to download .net 3.5 to make it work.

I was also kind of interested if you guys also found it difficult counting when doing kegels.. I find they need immense concentration.. Does this get easier as time goes on?

Thanks dworm ;) . This will help to keep my kegel routine up.


Don´t start to count, maybe I have to reboot my OS.


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