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Kegel test?

Kegel test?

Is there a practical way to gage whether or not I’m doing kegels right?

I’ve been doing them for a few days now.

Also, does anybody else find that you have to hold your breath while your doing it especially while performing a sustained kegel. And that you inadvertantly suck in your abdomen. I assume this has to do with developing the muscle so that you can isolate it.

One more thing. What’s a reverse kegel?

Zig ;)

>Is there a practical way to gage whether or not I’m doing kegels right?<

Yes, try pissing when you are doing them. If you can stop the flow you’re doing it right.

I find breath control helps most things, kegels included, but that doesn’t mean simply holding the breath, more keeping the rhytm of breath and kegels in sync.

A reverse kegel is the opposite of a kegel, where you are now contracting, instead expand. There are many better explanations of that, maybe someone will post one.

:eek: What the hell?!!

How on earth do you expand that muscle?!

I just tried a reverse kegel…….I SHIT my pants!!!!!

Damn, What do I do now?????

Did I do It right???

:rolling: Exactly dude! That’s the only way you can do it. What the fuck???

The best way to do a kegel is to isolate it from other muscle involvment. So don’t squeeze your ass or suck in your gut. Isolate. You will find that the more you do them, the easier it becomes.

Thanks, but what about this mysterious reverse kegel?!

With the reverse kegel you are trying to force out the flow of urine, whereas with a standard kegel you stop the flow of urine.

Once you get in to the flow of a reverse kegel, it will become easier to perform.

So basically, I try to pee when I don’t really need to? I’m pretty sure I can do that. That is a very subtle sensation.

I doubt I could tell if I was doing anything if I had absolutely no pee though.


Put 99% of your effort into doing regular kegels. They provide the most benefit.

can you recommend a kegel routine gprent?

I started doing 6 sets of 50 each held for 5 seconds, with 30-60 seconds rest in between. Now I am doing 4 sets of 100 held for 5 seconds, followed by 1 held to exhaustion. I want to try to work up to 500/day.

Everyone should do kegels, forever!

I started to slack on them recently, but I started up on them again with a new routine too and boy you don’t know how much you can feel the benefit.
I try to do around 800-1000 quick flexes per day, mixed in with roughly 20 holds. I take a rest from them every 4-5 days.

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