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Kegel routine

Kegel routine

Hey, I just went through the FAQ and it described kegels. Well I used to do these, and I have a couple questions.

1. I can locate the muscle pretty well. Now, there is a point where I tense it not so hard and I’m pretty sure I’m getting the BC muscle. Then I can clench even harder (which usually involves a slight tensing of the abs which I know is not completely isolating) and it feels like it’s getting squeezed a lot harder, along with my anus. Now how hard should I be squeezing; the first squeeze I described or the second which involves an evident tightening of the anus as well?

2. It talked about how many routines exist, can be found online, etc. And I found a ton, the problem being I don’t know which is most effective or useful. Can someone please suggest a good kegel program that has worked for them? My goal here is to basically last longer/have multiple orgasms, but since I’m still a fairly young guy (or would like to consider myself one anyway :P) I don’t want to have to revert to pills/drugs for this sort of ability.

Anyways, sorry for the long post, I appreciate any help. Hope to stay consistent this time.

I usualy try to concentrate the squeeze only to the BC muscle

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Ah, thanks. Any tips on a routine?

Heh, I probably should have done the search thing more in dept/specifically.thanks a lot bro. Looks like a great routine, time to get started.

Can you overdue kegeling?

Originally Posted by joseph75
Can you overdue kegeling?

A copy and paste from another thread I just posted in -

Yes. If you do too many you’ll exhaust the BC muscle. Remember that, its a muscle, you don’t go to the gym and do 500 bicep curls do you?

You can do more kegels, but only when you’ve built up towards it. Like you have to build up to bench pressing 325lbs, you can’t start at 325lbs.

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