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Kegel routine advice

Kegel routine advice

I’ve been reading around the forum a lot about kegels and want to start my own routine. So my question to everyone is what is your routine? How many reps do you do and how many seconds do you hold those reps for? Also how many days a week do you do your routine? I’m suffering from a case of premature ejaculation and want to incorporate reverse kegels into my routine. Up until now all I have been doing is regular kegels.

For me, regular kegels helped lasting long without ejaculation, so I recommend it. I think this will help You, but do it for 2-3 months to have a really good results.

The biggest difference I saw when I was doing kegels in this order: 5x10sec and 100-200x1sec. The 1 second is just simple contraction of Your muscles (I’ve contracted PC, BC and IC and who knows what else). Gradually increased it to 10x60secs and 500-1000x1sec. Some days, there was a feeling that I won’t be able to keep my urine in bladder, but fortunately, that didn’t happened.

Know, I have a “111” routine: 1x60sec 10x10sec and 100x1sec- it’s one “lap”. I do 2-4 “laps” and I’m feeling good. It’s not an extreme workout,but keeps You “in shape”.

Also, I recommend Amazing isometrics: Amazing Isometrics - expand gain potential and cut down PE duration .

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