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Kegel question.

Kegel question.

I have started kegels 3 days ago and ı noticed something different I think. When I kegel I feel some sexual pleasure in the root of my penis and I feel little near to ejaculate. Is it normal? Anyone has the same thing?

I am 23 years old and ı feel little near to ejaculate without erection.Meanwhile ı have premature ejaculation problem. Can these be related?

There is noshing wrong with what is happening. You are doing something unusual by kegeling continuously, rather than just getting rid of a last drop of urine. And that is stimulating your nerves. After a week or two you should settle down and be able to do kegels without feeling the need to ejaculate so quickly.

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Yes I have that pleasure too and I am a prem ejac and it does make me anxious.

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