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Kegel question

Kegel question

I understand the difference between the PC/BC muscle.

The problem I have is when doing my kegels I tighten both of them.

I don’t seem to be able to isolate one or the other.

Will this be a problem? Personal I don’t see a problem with this. It can’t hurt to exercise both of them.More than likely it will be beneficial.



The more you do them the better you will become at isolating them.

EDIT: It isn’t a problem (to answer you question). But the faster you learn to isolate them the more effective they will become.


That’s how I felt when I started kegeling a month back. But with time, you should be able to isolate them. Keep working on it. Best of luck!


RoomToGrow, so isolating them will be more effective? I have been kegeling for a while and I still can’t isolate one or another. :(

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Lie on your back, knees up and legs spread, as if were you a woman inviting someone over for a cup of tea.

Now put your fingers on the area between your anus and your balls, and kegel. Eventually you’ll get the hang of which one is which. Try increasing and easing tension gradually, this will make it easier to identify.

regards, mgus

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Another way to learn is to stretch your penis out and try to pull it back in while stretched. When you feel your penis pull back, that is the BC. Also, stopping mid stream while you’re taking a piss helps to target it.


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