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Kegel question for the pros.

Kegel question for the pros.

It feels great to do kegels. I do them all the time, I am even doing them now as I type this.

When I press into the fatty tissue located in the area between my annus and my scrotum I feel a tube or a tendent. It twitches when I kegel. Is this the PC muscle? Will I feel this tube get bigger over time as I continue kegels? This tube gets harder when I massage it while doing kegels. It a good idea to stimulate this tube or tendent during kegels?

I think you are feeling the root of your penis. With your fingers, just follow your penis shaft down through your scrotum and continue downward. Isn’t that the same “tube” you are feeling?

This area should get larger as the muscles get stronger and blood flow is improved. It is an excellent area to massage and is often brought into sexual activities as well.

Yes. After self examination this is a continuation of my penis that goes deep inside. I never noticed that before. Is it just getting bigger as a result of my jelqing and stretching? I would like to develope this area because it makes my whole inter groin area feel vital. Is there any specific exercise for the strenghting of this deep recesses of the penis?

I think all the stretching and kegeling pretty much covers it. A little more indirectly, doing squats is a great exercise.

Read this monument, it will explain what you feel in that area.

Wow that was an amazing read, Westla

So there are 2 muscles down there and you can actually feel them separately contract. It is easier (at least for me ) to kegel the BC muscle. The one you want to kegel. The twitching that I can feel is actually the muscle around the base of the penis.

Thanks for the input.

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