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Kegel Position

Kegel Position

I was wondering if there is a preferred position to be in while doing kegels? Is sitting down in compared to standing up or laying on your side a better way to do kegels or is there another position that optimizes the effect of the kegel?

No. You can do kegels whenever, wherever, however. That’s one of the best thing about them.

Although, to tell you the truth, I prefer doing them sitting down with my back straight. I feel the strongest flex this way.

That’s what I was looking for.I know that jelqing in particular should not be done everyday but what about kegels? Are they safe to do everyday or can you overtrain doing them that often as well?

I do them everyday for 15 minutes.

But yes, you can overtrain them but I really don’t know how much kegeling would that take.

Ok.So, you focus on time and not necessarily the “number” of kegels that you do? I’m asking because in the Newbie Routine, it specifies to do 50 of them holding them for 5 seconds each.To be honest with you, I have not kept count of how long it take but I do adhere to the Newbie Routine.

As a Newbie, you can start off with 50 a day. And you can being to increase the number you do after a month or two. Kegels can be done everyday, but as Chicken says, you can over do it. So stick to the 50 a day for the next few months, and then look to increase after that.

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The timing and number of contractions isn’t important. Kegels are and adjunct, an extra added thing, that helps with your penis health. They won’t make your dick bigger nor hinder gains if you don’t do them. They’re just something helpful. Do them when you can, if you can. And if you can’t do 50 or hold them for five seconds, then do ten and hold them for two. Or do 300. It’s not important to the outcome of your PE regimen. They’re for overall penis health and erection quality.

If you regularly drive to work, take that time and use it for performing kegels. It is time you would not use otherwise and you can still listen to music or talk on the phone. It’s a way to subtly alter your lifestyle to easily create a new habit.


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