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Kegel or PC question

Kegel or PC question

Ok I have been trying to flex the mussle that I guess is called the PC muscle. Been doing it for a week or so but I dont know if Im doing the right muscle. I know its the muscle that makes you stop peeing. but I cant seem to flex it when its soft. I read somewere that the PC muscle is the one that will make a hard erection move but I cant seem to flex this muscle when its soft. I can move the muscle under it at the base. I dont know, probably not making any sense but just wanting to know if Im using the right muscle. Another question is why cant I hold the muscle that makes it move up and down when erect. It will just move for a second and then relax no matter how hard Im trying to hold it. Thanks for any help or insite. I have read alot of old post and in the glossary thing but i just havnt found a answer yet.

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Wantabigger, PC flexes feel very different for me when soft than when hard. If you can stop pissing by flexing, your probably doing it right. It’s simply more noticable sensation to flex PC’s when erect. I think the muscles are worked a little differently in the two scenarios. Reason you can’t hold the erect flex long may just be because the muscles are weak, untrained a better term. It’s amazing how “weak” those muscles can be at first, something I noticed when I began the exercises long ago. Twenty seconds seemed like an impossible eternity whereas now a couple minutes is quite reasonable. When I say this, I don’t neccesarily mean that they will get bigger and stronger w/exercise like benching for your chest…likely more of a neuromuscular effect/forging a pathway (ie learning how to use what muscle is there) closer to typing or tying shoelaces.

You could do the exercises both erect and flaccid as I still do just for variety, but I seem to notice the most effect from the flaccid “long-release and tightening holds” these days. Namely, better and harder erections. Stick with it because as simple as it sounds, it does take time to learn. groa

great i think you have just answered one of my big questions coming here.. how to make myself have longer & harder erections have you ever used any pills to help on this matter?


Here’s what i’ve been doing for almost a week now. I’ve mainly done it driving in a car but i’ve never coordinated time or reps. I just do it lots of different times through out the day. Will it be more effective to do it 3times and thats it or thoroughout the day???



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Thanks groa, I am finally getting the hang of this after 2 weeks. Damn those mussles get sore. Tonights my night to give them a break. I would also like to know the answer to albs question. I dont really do them in sets I just do them anytime like now. Thanks for the help

Its not a little pecker, Its an anal probe


on the person doing them. Actually, I can’t tell much difference in effect between once per day and several times per day. I think alot of it is just “connecting” or gaining control. After which it’s likely that you may just be keeping the musculature toned. I’ve done marathon sets of various exercises, but it seems the long holds (flaccid and erect) and also the “slow squeeze(5 sec)-hold(10 sec)-release(5sec) works as well as any if not the best for me. Pretty hard to do alot and breath properly as they require alot of concentration and effort. Especially during the slow release part after some fatigue has set in. Not sure on the “quick-clamps”, they don’t seem worth much for me. Hell, it’s probably good to just break it up throughout the day, say a set of twenty contrlolled (slowsqeeze-hold-slowrelease) squeezes 2-3 times per day. Concentrate on the squeezing and releasing part the most. I can do the quick one second type all friggin’ day long, so I think their usefulness wears off after time, sort of a diminishing returns type deal. At first their nice, though. The timed ones are hard for me to keep track of so I just slid some beads on a shoelace and pull them across with each completion. groa Edit:Almost forgot in all my banter…never tried any of the pills for erection. Two reasons: 1) I may run out, 2) I wont know if it’s the exercise or the pill that helped. Same reason I don’t use PHs or creatine…can’t sus out what’s really having the effect-exercise or supplements. Synergy confounds me in that way, but you might find it very useful.

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