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Kegel in practice

Kegel in practice

I know I know I just posted a thread a minute ago asking a newbie question, but I have another question that’s been on my mind.

I’ve been a self proclaimed stamina champion for sometime when using condoms, but once that layer ain’t there
It’s soooo much easier for me to finish and often times results in satisfaction for me, but not for the lady.

I’ve been reading up on Kegels and strengthening the pelvis muscles and it’s relation to length/girth as well
As improving stamina in bed, but I was wondering how exactly it improves stamina.

Should I actually Kegel when I’m feeling the urge to finish while making love to a woman? Or are kegels
Only to be used to strengthen the pelvic reaction which inadvertently results in prolonged

Basically what I’m asking is how do I use Kegels in a practical love making situation in regards to stamina.

Kegaling will help you to control you’re urge to ejaculate. Practise holding your kegals for as long as you can. Once you strengthen the muscles you will see how it will improve your stamina.

I can’t really comment on using kegels to control ejaculation, but I think AndyB123 has it right.

What I will say is it sounds like you should slow down. Keep yourself deep in her while in missionary and kegel or grind. Too much in and out is going to cause you to cum quickly. Once you’ve been screwing long enough while balls deep, she’ll be more ready for the thrusting and you’ll be in a better place to control your ejaculation.

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I understand what andy is saying, but once I do have a stronger pelvic muscle do I actually USE a kegel while I’m feeling the urge whilst inside the woman?

Or does having a stronger muscle just indirectly delay male orgasm somehow.

You actually use a kegal when you feel yourself getting close I think.

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"

Thanks for the insight everyone that has responded. I’m still undecided though because this isn’t a subject really touched on.

All I hear is that Kegels improve stamina, but I’m not sure HOW and how having a stronger pelvis muscle is used during sex to curb an orgasm.

I have taken the time to research and found EXACTLY how to use a Kegel properly to increase stamina/pleasure during sex:
Please read this description from a book I found, or skip to the summary at the end if you don’t feel like reading it all/don’t understand something.

I also provided a method to figure out how it works even if your muscle hasn’t developed yet to prove to you how kegels
Can be used.


Ever heard of the PC exercise? If you have, you may have stumbled on the
Controversy regarding it’s application in aiding control over ejaculation. This
Scepticism exists because correct teaching of how to use ones PC muscle is
Normally not available, or not represented in full to-us by the adjudicating

The PC is a muscle which receives it’s bad praise because it’s easy to use
Incorrectly. In doing so it can actually cause us to ejaculate quicker, and we
Don’t want that.

With proper use the PC can eliminate a high degree of hyper-sensation, which
As I keep repeating throughout this book, is the feeling of discomfort or pain felt
In the penis immediately after ejaculation. The cause of hyper-sensation is
"Ejaculation” not “orgasm”.

Here again I repeat, ejaculation and orgasm are effectively separate entities,
That happen to occur simultaneously. By preventing ejaculation but still
Engorging our-selves in, and enjoying orgasm, we can continue thrusting, and
Even become multi-orgasmic.

Even if you’ve had a vasectomy, ejaculation and hyper-sensation still occur,
As only a small percentage of the ejaculate was prevented from escaping, the
Part that’s mainly sperm. The rest is not made in your balls but in the seminalvesicle,
Which is next to the prostate.

The PC can also be used to effectively delay orgasm and affect control when
Right on the verge of ejaculation. Preventing us tipping over the edge when we
Come too close to ejaculating. It’s like an extra line of defence, for when we are
Having trouble with other cures.

©Copywrite 2000-4 Lain.Publishing Page No.

Porn stars use this exercise to build solid erections, which also helps them
Delay. Also this helps them squirt their ejaculate across the room. Yes, after
Practising this, you will be able to ejaculate like a porn star. This can seem very
Impressive to you lady and feels so much better than lackadaisical semen
Dribbling out of you.


This muscle when twitched or clamped will heighten arousal quicker than
Normal, and if tensed hard near orgasm, can quickly push you over the edge as
This sensation’s exceedingly pleasurable. This is where the controversy lays, as it
Doesn’t sound the most helpful of muscles, does it? But can be ideally used to
Increase arousal on one of those ‘off’ days.

Repeatedly contracting the PC has a pumping up effect on the penis, pushing
Blood into it and therefore hardening yourself which induces that all too familiar
Pleasant swelling sensation.

The PC when exercised can be used to stop the onset of ejaculation. As this
Muscle surrounds the prostate which encapsulates the seminal vesicle; urinary
And ejaculatory duct, which seminal fluids flow from. When clenched, the PC
Effectively acts like a clamp on these parts of your body, so seminal fluids can’t
Move. Similar to squeezing a garden hose, which also stops flow.

By shutting off the flow before your sperm has escaped out of your balls and
Then out of the penis, you can hold off ejaculation. This physically stops
Ejaculation form happening, which helps hold off orgasm. Remember, orgasm
And ejaculation are separate from each other but closely interlinked, therefore
This method allows you greater control at the edge.

A light continuous clamp until the urge subsides, at your P.O.N.R. Will
Instigate control but a full on hard clamp will cause your penis to twitch, which is
Pleasurable, and therefore may take you over the edge. But this full on clamp
Can be used in multi-orgasm, (it depends on how your body reacts to hard and
Soft clamps) and locks your ejaculate in it’s place.

This prevents hyper-sensation, and allows you to continue onto your next
Orgasm if so desired. But normally with whole body orgasm, you would use the
Light clamp and have learned to ride your point of no return, and enjoy the
Waves of orgasm. Don’t worry about this at this time.


Summary by me:

This was EXTREMELY informative to me and I think could be helpful to everyone which is why I’m posting it.
Basically it says to USE THE KEGEL right before you go over the edge and orgasm. The development of the muscle is important
Because otherwise you can’t hold the clamp long enough to delay the pumping that comes after an orgasm. If you notice
After you ejaculate you penis still pumps for a few seconds, this will STILL HAPPEN if you use the kegel correctly, but you will just not have any ejaculate come out
And hence you can keep going strong and if you learn a level of control and correct breathing/mind concentrating methods to lower
Your arousal you can essentially have multiple orgasms without “finishing” and having to pull out.

If you don’t have a strong enough pelvic muscle to do the Kegel and are still skeptical there is an alternative way to test how
This method works. Located between/underneath your testicles and anus, if you press hard enough around, you’ll find a
Big tube known as the urethra. When masturbating and you feel like you are getting close to the edge of an orgasm, use
Your free hand to clamp down on this tube. I accomplished this by using my middle finger and ring finger to hold the tube in place
And then using the Index to literally push it down HARD while I kept masturbating. Understand that you have to do this EXTREMELY HARD,
But it shouldn’t hurt at all surprisingly. Go ahead and attempt to orgasm once you have your fingers locked in place and watch a miracle happen.

Although you orgasm you will not let out any ejaculate and after the pulsing subsides you are free to keep masturbating back to the point of no
Return. This is essentially what a strong pelvic muscle will do. It will imitate what your fingers did to your urethra and cut off the ability to
Ejaculation, but allow for orgasm if you have a strong enough muscle to hold it.

Hopefully this was helpful to everyone.

The book I found this information was
End Premature Ejaculation,
And gain the love life you always wanted”
By Paul Lain

I don’t actually suffer from this problem, I just wanted to learn why Kegels could make you last longer!

As for not lasting long enough, the easiest thing to do is controlled breathing.
Just try to keep your breathing really regular and fairly slow, and just combine it with the ‘1-10’ technique/trick.

‘1-10’ is basically one long/deep slow thrust and the remaining 9 thrusts are mainly grinds like onenekkidguy said.
If you also want to please the lady just cycle it, something like this:
Starting off with the 1 deep 9 grinds, go to 2 deep 8 grinds, 3 deep 7 grinds, etc etc.
As soon as you’re on 9 deep 1 grind just go the opposite way.

Combining this with regulated breathing and try too feel as much as possible becomes quite an experience.(At least it does for me)

Hope this helps!

This is confusing

It will take much practice but you can have an orgasm without ejaculating by squeezing and holding that squeeze during orgasm. You are going to want to practice this by yourself many times to get it right. It may take months.

It is also very important to have a very strong Kegel muscle for this to work.

Over time your body will learn to separate the sensation of orgasm with ejaculation. Give yourself lots of time and remember, even when it doesn’t work, at least you had fun trying.

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