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Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises

I have a lot of sit down time at work. Was wondering if y’all have any routines or regimens that you have used. I am currently doing 15-20 5 sec holds; on and off throughout the day.

I personally believe that you can never do too many kegels. I will randomly do a set during the day and just keep going until my unit gets tired, I don’t even keep count. I also especially make sure to do them if I get a random erection during the day as that can really help with growth IMO

How do kegels help with growth ?

Kegels itself doesn’t make You bigger.

On the other hand, they make Your EQ much better and strong pelvic floor muscles is helpful for almost all exercises (Uli, jelqs, horses, clamping and many more). Maybe if Your EQ are poor, after some kegelling You will consider Youself as bigger, but it’s not a gain.

Kegel, kegel, and shoot to the stars. And gain.

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