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Kegel exercise.

Kegel exercise.

Hi.. I’m a new bi I have just started newbie routine . But some members are saying kegel before jelqing is better.. I have read about kegel.. I can’t understand it properly.. Please suggest me how to kegel wit some pictures.. And I have one more question.. I use to masturbate thrice in a week.. Doing masturbation often will make the penis to bend?? If I want to gain length should I stop masturbating for some time?

To kegel all you have to do is use the muscle that you use to stop peeing while doing it, once you perform that, that’s what a kegel is.

I won’t go too much into them since they can really backfire and cause pelvic floor muscle problems as well as penis overtrain issues.

Avoid masturbation as much as you can during PE.

Personally I don’t kegel before jelqing as it tenses up the pelvic floor muscles and I feel like I get more retraction after my routine if I kegel before/while jelqing. I prefer to jelq with relaxed muscles. Although many members here kegel before/during jelqing and they say it’s better for them. You can try and see what works for you.

Not sure about other people but I don’t get any “bending” due to masturbation. I think it’s more about trying to limit ejaculation right before or after doing PE as you want to avoid retraction/shrinkage of your unit.

You can do kegels throughout the day, while in a car waiting for red light to turn green, sitting at your desk at work, etc.

Here’s the closest kegel videos I could find.

Some people report that masturbation doesn’t effect gains, but maybe wait a couple of hours, after your PE routine. On the other hand, I prefer to edge for 3-5 days in a row, and when I finally cum on the 5th day it’s amazing. :)

Personally I dislike kegeling right before jelqing. A kegel forces a bit of blood into the penis which means that a kegel is a good muscle contraction to regulate how erect you are during your exercises. So I like to have at least two hours between my kegel routine and my manual PE routine, just so my PC muscle can be somewhat refreshed and I can use the increased control over my erection levels.

I’ve often wondered if masturbating frequently alters the penis. I’m almost inclined to think that it might now that I’m into PE. It shouldn’t be bending your unit though, the majority of people have an asymmetric penis, it’s probably just genetic.

Many people suggest not ejaculating while in a PE routine. I like to edge a lot, and I think this helps me gain. But I don’t think that masturbating is so bad, I think it’s more that you lose some responsiveness in your penis during PE, the sensitivity goes down a bit, and it may be more uncomfortable to do your routine. Sometimes you just release during edging and for me, that seems fine.

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