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Kegel Exercise Motivation

Kegel Exercise Motivation

Hi , I have been searching all the website but I still don’t know how I can do kegel exercises
I don’t know if my understanding of english is not good but I want to do some of exercises ; I have started with newbie routine without kegel exercises and now I got some hurting on my balls
I have been doing the exercises for 3 weeks nothing changed
I will not do the exercises until sunday and I will start on monday again
Do you have any advice ?
It’s easy for me to find girls but I still scare to sleep with any girl because I have 13cm size ( I have some experience but at the most of girls they tell my friends or their friends and I become to feel embarrassed )
So I really don’t know what to do ?

Thanks in advance for any help

When you go to the bathroom, use your muscles to stop the stream of urine/pee. That’s a kegel and you can do it when you’re not urinating as well.

Goal: 8.5x6.5

Hey mrjackie,
I just started out PE’ing.
I think rasta was the one who told me how to do it:

Get an erection.
Lift your penis up and HOLD IT.

Here is the link where I asked my question about how to do kegels.

I did my test run and.

Start: BPEL: 5 inches, EG:4.5 inches, NBPEL: 4.5 inches

Goal: BPEL: 6 inches, EG: 5 inches. NBPEL: 5.5 inches.Start Date 22nd Feb 2009.

"Oh baby, I love your naivete!".

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