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Kegel During stretching?

Kegel During stretching?

Hi all,

I was reading FAQ for newbies, I came across this

Stretching: “While pulling the penis out you should perform a ‘kegel’, especially if pulling upwards.
You will actually feel a more intense stretch if you do this.”

How Kegel is performed during streching?
1: Is it a contraction (squeez, Pull-in) when streching?, or relaxing (pull-out)?
2: Should I keep the kegel squeez (or pull out) the same time duration as the stretch pull duration ?

Thanks for ur time

I’m new like you but I recently read that the stretch for a newbie trainer will be enuff itself, as you progress you should perform kegals & intensify the effort & time you do as you progress.

^That could be garbage, but I just felt like sharing what I read.

04/10/04 NBPEL 5.5 inches BPEL 6 inches EG 5 inches FL 3.5 inches Goal for 01/04/05 NBPEL 6.5 inches BPEL 7 inches EG 6 inches FL 4.5 inches An inch all round would make a huge difference.

Stretching is a relaxation lengthening process and exercise is a contraction shortening process. The two should be kept seperate from each other. Have you ever heard of a guy stretching his legs and exercising them at the same time? No. PE is no different. Stretch for length and kegel for PC health and endurance. Seperately.

I disagree your Excellency. Stretching+Exercising is normal Yoga style. Also you can do kegel + stretch to intensify it easily. No big problem. But newbies should do it with caution.

So in Yoga, you stretch and flex your muscles simultaneously? It looks more like stretch and hold.

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