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Kegel during Jelq

Kegel during Jelq

Sorry if this is an old question I did a search and it couldn’t find the same topic.

I watched a video which stated during a wet jelq it could be benificial to kegel to force more blood into the penis during each jelq, in the newbie routine this isnt mentioned?
Since then I have alternated between kegeling and relaxing during jelqing.

What would the PE Veterans reccomend?

21/6/2010: EL - 6.125" EG - 5.125"

21/12/2010: EL - 6.430" EG - 5.125"

Current Goal: EL - 7.5" EG 6"

I only kegel if I need to get the erection % up a bit. Kegeling before every jelq is probably going to be overkill, especially when you get up into higher volumes of jelqing.

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