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Kegel Crunches

Kegel Crunches

I am pretty damn confused as to how to do them. Do you just push it?

When you go a piss, stop the pissing by using the muscle in your cock. That’s basically what a kegel is, obviously you don’t do them when your pissing though. Sort of the best way to explain it, at the start of PE, kegels are harder to do IMO, but the muscle soon becomes stronger in time.

And it’s right between your balls and anus?

Yer sounds about right, the longer you hold it the better, you will also find it harder to hold it for long, gets me agitated.

Ok cool.

Do you need to be erect during?

No, you don’t need to be, but I don’t know the difference, I find it hard to get erect anyway after doing them jelqs

No you don’t need to be erect during, you can apply resistance when erect but yeah. When you do it your penis should “tug back” a little bit. I do 50x 5 second holds a day and I’ve def noticed an increase in strength over just a few weeks :)

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