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Kegel Benefits

Kegel Benefits

Besides helping control premature ejaculation and pumping some extra blood, how else do kegels contribute to PE? Do they have any impact on length/girth gain?

Yeah, well, thats just like, your opinion, man.

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No but it can give you a bulge if you develop your (BC muscle) that would be consider sexy to some women. Hell I think it’s real Hot. (I’m bi)

A bulge is always good, thanks for the quick reply

Yeah, well, thats just like, your opinion, man.

October 20, 2009 NBPEL:5.5" EG:4.75" FL:4" BPFSL:6" FG:3.625"

Try using the search function, these easy questions have already been answered, you just have to dig up the info. But yes, kegeling can improve girth, by increasing the amount of blood pushed in resulting in the Corpus Spongiousm to expand and thus bigger girth. Most porn stars have HUGE BC muscles…You have to really work out your BC muscle to get here. I am closer and doing erect kegels has improved my girth, among other things.

"Pumping some extra blood” is what may make the difference between growth and stagnation, when doing many of the exercises.

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Just my opinion but I think that having a kegal toughened penis will make you much less injury prone.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Plus you have to keep your muscle strong and your EQ up so that as you gain girth and length you are still able to maintain good erections. All that extra room will have to be filled with blood and if your BC muscle can still only hold/pump so much blood up there, then you’re not going to get as hard as you used to.


Another benefit is the ability to have a dry orgasm. It’s given a new dimension to my jerking of.

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