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Kegals PC vs BC

Kegals PC vs BC

Hi Guys..

I HAVE A QUESTION regarding my much beloved KEGALS.I am a newbie to this site but have been PE for 3 months, so if what I am saying sounds like “BS”, I apologise.

Up until last night my understanding was that kegals worked the PC muscle, but after reading a very well put together post on this site, another muscle was mentioned, the BC muscle.

I kegal 5 days a week, 6 sets of 30 quick kegals, each followed with a long slow squeeze for 20 seconds and believe me I have noticed a difference, enjoying harder erections before and long after ejaculation as well as excellent control in preventing them but..

When I kegal am I suppose to isolate the PC muscle, which as I understand it, is the muscle which I feel at the base of the penis when contracting or the BC muscle which I feel between my scrotum and anus.

When I Jelq, I kegal between strokes and it is feels that I am using both the PC/BC muscle that I am contracting to fill my penis with blood, as well as both to control whats the answer?

Hey, some will say if it’s working who cares, but if there is a better way of doing it, I’d like to know about it.

Also this is my routine, it’s quick, enjoyable and I am getting some results, but again any suggestions are more than welcomed.

3-5 min warmup
3-5 Bundled Tunica Stretches
250 Wet Jelqs ( 50 morning/200 nite)
Power Stretch ( x5 Each Direction )
Horse440 Squeeze ( x10 )
Uli Squeeze or Ferrari Head Squeezes ( x10 )
Hanging (45 min - 10min/15min/15 min )
300 PC/BC Flexes ( Throughout day as mentioned previously )

Above adopts a 5 day on/2 day off routine.

As mentioned, it’s a good workout but should I refine it I.e could I be minimising results with the above..



It’s the BC muscle, Denver. Click the Illustrations and Diagrams link in my signature. The diagram for making the distinction between the two is in there somewhere.

You will learn to isolate the BC after a bit of time.

Routine looks good. What are Ferrari Head Stretches? Similar to Ulis?

EDIT: The diagram you want is in the middle of post #3. There are two of them.


Mystery Solved

Thanks for the speedy reply RoomToGrow..

So all that I have read about the “PC” muscle and Kegals really refers to the BC muscle and any exercise to the PC, if any won’t assist in PE’ing. I’ll definately read you links..

As for the Ferrari Head Squeeze, well that was the name that was given to this particular exercise from some other forum, that I may add, I nolonger bother with as this site is far better, but this particular exercise seems to work, depends on my mood.Semi erection seems to be the best, not to hard but not too soft, if you know what I mean!!

1) Kegal
2) Tight “o” grip with left hand (palm facing up) at base of penis for a second or two.
3) Slightly release, kegal again and clamp once again with a tight “o” grip to prevent blood escaping.
4) With your right hand, make another tight “o” grip (overhead grip), immediately after the previous grip and hold for 5 seconds.
5) After 5 sec, form another tight “o” grip with the next finger of your right hand and hold for 5 seconds.
6) Continue this with each finger till your entire right hand is gripping your penis, and then hold for a further 10 seconds..

After doing 10 of these my head ends up being humungus!!

They may be know by some other name but for me, they are my Ferrari Head Squeezes..

Thanks again,


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