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Kegaling and ED

Kegaling and ED

So.I know that I posted a thread already, but I had another separate question.and a situation along with it.

I am 22 years old.and I am already having trouble keeping it up. And I am not sure exactly how to remedy this. I am not sure if I have ED, because I approached a doctor about it, and he told me it was because I was getting depressed at the time. But I am not depressed now.but I am still having troubles. And I have been in great moods in the past, but I still can’t keep it up solid for the entire time. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for this.

My own advice is to just Kegal as much as possible.but is kegaling too much harmful to you? It doesn’t feel like it’s doing me any harm just kegaling. I think the Newbie Routine says just 50 5 second holds, but I want to do more.I just want to make sure it’s not dangerous. If it is potentially dangerous, are there any signs I should be looking for?

And another thing! Is kegaling bad to do while stretch or jelqing?

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Everything that I am going to tell you is what I have read on this forum. These are not original thoughts, just repeating what others have said on these topics from what I have read here. With a little effort and the ‘Search’ button/link/option at the top of every page, you can find these answers on your own.

That being said, kegals are wonderful for erection control. They have done wonders for me as well as the entire Newbee routine for EQ. At 22 with some time doing that program, your EQ should be excellent. As with anything in the life, too much of something becomes not as good as moderation. I don’t think that you can do too many Kegals,, but I dont think you need to do a thousand. Westla (you can search for his name, he is a wealth of knowledge) has talked about Kegal sessions in many threads.

I would keep kegals separate from other PE activities. You can do them while doing most anything else, they don’t need to be done while stretching or jelging. Again, an occasional kegal during these exercises IMHO, wont do any harm. The optimum word here is moderation.

Good luck and keep us posted. I think it would be Okay to bump this thread in a month to let other people know how things are going for you? (Mod’s, please confirm this)

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