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Keeping the semi when jelqing

Keeping the semi when jelqing

Hello, I have tried this stuff (sceptic here) for about a week now 1st issue, does anyone else have trouble keeping the blood in because I do, 5 to 10 jelqs and then I gotta get it up a little. Killer for taking too long time-wise. 2ND issue, how much force is required (jelqs). I get spotting, but to keep the blood in I gotta squeeze real hard thus you could almost pop the head off.. Anyway first post and all, go easy.
I have more queries but they will come in time (trying no to waste peoples time)
BPEL 6.7 on a good day EG 5.0 woo hoo, about halfway down the line when the big man was dishing out units.

The maths are sound, it’s the practical side of things that are fuc.

Not one reply, that’s nice that is.anyway I got all feed back needed from the thread above.!


Come on people help me lose the scepticism.

Hey se,

Sorry about that. Everybody it seems has the too much/not enough erection problem in the beginning. It gets better as you gain experience. Better to avoid “getting spots” as much as you can. Try to use as little pressure as possible while still seeing a slight expansion ahead of your grip. This can also be increased as you get more experience.

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Keeping a consistent erect level is tricky - especially in the beginning as Thunder states. The thing that’s working for me is relying less on external stimuli (porn) and becoming more aware of my own sensations as I pump the blood forward. The more you practice the easier it gets. I also tend to jelq more around 70-75% (not higher) rather than 50% as this (I’ve gathered) is more beneficial for girth gains.

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