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Keeping a low erection

Keeping a low erection


Does anyone have any advice into keeping the penis flaccid while jelqing?
I can’t seem to always grow into a full erection after a minute or two of touching =\
I’ve read that you should never jelq with a full erection, and if one does exist, to stop while it goes away. I’ve also read that you should jelq (ie) 30 minutes per day. Does anyone know if I stop every minute for 1 minute, can jelq for 1 hour, does it have the same effect?


It takes time for your dick to get used to jelqing. I used to have this problem, but eventually you will get used to work/play. Just concentrate on breathing slowly, and NOT thinking about sex! It will take some time, but you’ll get used to it.

If your a newbie, then 30 minutes jelqing is going to be too much, too soon. Just follow the newbie routine.

Yeah I used to have the same problem. Don’t worry it will go away as your body gets used to the exercises. I used to do math in my head, or else watch a some kind of comedy on TV to keep my mind away from all things sexual. In the mean time I don’t see anything wrong with stopping and starting frequently, apart from everything taking twice as long.

Just keep at it. You will figure it out.

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