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Keep good records or you will regret it later

Keep good records or you will regret it later

I’ve never kept records and believe me it becomes more confusing than I ever thought it would. I always say I was 6 1/4 bpel before PE, but I’m not sure how I was measuring that (on top or on the side). Once I joined Thunder’s I gave my PEed size as 7 1/4 bpel, but that was definitely measuring on the side (my best measurement as I’m 1/4” longer when I measure on my right side). I actually thought it was ok to measure this way, but many months later I got to wondering if many other guys measure like that. I suppose it doesn’t really matter so long as one measures the same way each time, but still I started wanting to make sure that there were plenty of others measuring like I was.

So I ran a poll, and it turned out the vast majority here measure on top. So to my regret I felt compelled to take a 1/4” off my measurement. I was up to 7 3/8” at the time, but after subtracting 1/4’ my new stating measurement was 7 1/8”, so after many months I’m was 1/8” shorter than what I had been announcing when I started Thunder’s. To show you how important records are, I’m not even sure now if I was back to 7” and then soon afterwards was up to 7 1/8” or if it was right when I took a 1/4” off. I’m at 7 1/4” bpel now so I’ve gained 1/4” in the year I’ve been at Thunder’s, yet my stating size is the same as when I joined.

Bottom line to my rambling is to not trust your memory to be able to recall all the routines and time off and on put into them. Don’t trust your memory to recall exactly how you were measuring and to recall exactly what size you were when. It becomes blurred over time and then when someone asks you about your sizes and routines and time put in you won’t be able to respond with accurate detail and may find yourself just giving best guesstimates.

Despite my lack of records, one thing is for sure —-I was once a member of the 6 inch club and am now a member of the 7 inch club. I have every reason to believe I will become an 8 inch member and don’t intend to stop there either. Good luck in your goals and keep records of your routines and times and sizes and measure on top always unless you want to find yourself scratching your scalp later on trying to recall.

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At the bottom of these pages is a link to “Sizes PE Data Site.” A great place to record your stats, and your routines. And you might even inspire others to work better for their own gains.



I had some stats in the database, but hadn’t posted there in almost a year. I went in there recently and updated it with my current measurments. I edited my flaccid length to be nbp now, instead of bp liked I had it. I also edited my bp pressed so it is now measuring from the top, like the vast majority here do, instead of measuring on the side like I did when I first came to Thunder’s. To keep the database accurate as possible, everyone should post flaccid length non bone pressed and erect length bone pressed measuring from the top.

Yeah, I’ll regret it when I suddenly wake up with an 8”x6” and no record of its progress :chuckle: pleeeeeaaaasssse, I welcome that day

Been there, I shouldn’t worry about being compelled to take a measurement from the top. My longest side of my dick is the right side. With a full erection maxed out it’s a whole inch longer than measuring from the top. So I’ve got a real bend in mine.

However, who knows perhaps many of the guys who measure from the top have this as thier longest side or don’t have a huge difference between side and top length. Who knows perhaps for some thier top measurememtn is longer than the side due to the shape of their dick.

I would measure top left and right side and then take an average measurement. This is far more scientific.

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