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Keep going or decon.and for how long?

Keep going or decon.and for how long?

I’ve been doing PE for about a year, starting after a scare with some heart medication (makes your dick shrink; don’t you want to get your cardio in now?). I’d like to know if I should try a long deconditioning break, and if so, how long of a break people have had success with. Newbie routine, various things after that. Fairly consistent week in and week out. Initially good gains, but injured myself a few weeks in and haven’t gotten much since, despite taking a month off then and 1-2 weeks intermittently since. For the last two months, I’ve been clamping for girth; I’m fine with my length. But overall, I haven’t been getting anything out of it, despite good stretches here and there. If anything, my day-to-day girth is smaller; I need higher levels of stimulation with my girlfriend to reach my former (pre-heart meds) glory. It seems like I may have overtrained throughout this year of work. Pumping is not an option at the moment. So, what should I do?

I agree with G263, take a break, don’t stress bout anything (easy for me to say?) Just relax for a bit. A decon can be any thing from 6 to 8 months off. You may have hit a plateau, and if you did, you are probably not going to see any gains unless you take a good long break. now is a good time. Take care of your self redones.

Thanks, both of you.

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