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Just wondering

Just wondering

I was just wondering, that penis size does matter to a degree to women and men and that it is also acknowledged that black men are the well endowed ones amongst us, how come women do not just take up with or just go with only black men?

How shallow can you get?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.


Penis size is a part of good sex but its not the whole story.

On your second point and black men being better endowed than white men, try doing a search here, you are mistaken.

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You must understand that whilst women love large cocks, that is not the only criterion women are looking for in men. They are looking for a whole host of other qualities, such as kindness, openness, honesty, sense of humour, wealth, blah, blah, blah… If you show them these qualities and still manage to whip out a large anaconda-like cock, then you are considered perfect in their eyes. If you whip out an earth worm that hasn’t seen the sun its entire life, then you will run the risk of being the victim of a an unfaithful partner. But the most important thing, ultimately, is your personality, because that’s what keeps women clinging on to you after they realise how empty meaningless sex can leave them…


Stastical tests performed on various respondents throughout time have proven that black males generally harbour marginally larger penises than white, brown and asian males- all the tests were statistically signifcant. When I say marginally larger, I’m talking a few milimetres!! So you can draw your own conclusions from this…



Just wondering , if women like big penises so much and the black men are supposed to be the well endowed why dont women just go after black men only?

Because most of Penis size issues are in mens heads haha, i mean most women i speak to couldnt give to hoots about the size, they are in Relationships for love not for dick sizes, if you want a big dick fine, we all do but it aint gonna make massive differences in your love life. Unless your with some heatless bitch in which case i wouldnt worry anyway. :p

It’s just a stereotype. Not all black men have big penises.

Also, not all women prefer penis over personality/stability/looks etc.

Im almost half black, and I started out with only 5.25x4.75. Now Im up to 6.5x5.25. My wife who has been with other black men also says it isn’t true.

Although I have had allot of women ask me if its true. I just say I don’t know baby I don’t look at other mens dicks.(except here lol shh!)

Its just a stereotype. Like how the say Asians have small ones. There is a pic somewhere on this site of an Asian dude with quite the hammer.

"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"



I see, i found your replies very interesting and lot of the thought put forward concur with what i thought. main reasons i ask is because most men on the forum, please me if im wrong, have had more than one relation ship or sexual encounter with women before they hit 18, with my people and my self sex before marriage is a no no, cant go in to the reasons here would increase the post tenfold. second i do like black women and so the thought crossed my mind if i married one, and bearing in mind she would have had partners before me who may have been black, would i be able to satisfy her and also bearing in mind that the size of black womens vagina may be bigger than other races, just sexual inexperience as you can see.

But please put forward your experience and knowledge on my concer.ns

Originally posted by dawgbone3333

Im almost half black

Hey dawgbone, can you please explain how you’re almost half black? I’ve never heard that before and I’m just curious as to what you mean. Thanks!

>>Stastical tests performed on various respondents throughout time have proven that black males generally harbour marginally larger penises than white, brown and asian males- all the tests were statistically signifcant. When I say marginally larger, I’m talking a few milimetres!! So you can draw your own conclusions from this… <<

I cant agree with you on that the the difference is usually between 1/2 an inch to 2 inches.from pictures ive seen.its something kind of obvious, not saying all black men are like this though but it sure seems common.

An explanation cited that makes perfect sense has to do with differences in surface blood vessel proximity.

Translated, that means that Black Africans evolved w/ greater surface vascularity for cooling purposes, while Caucasoids have the same blood vessels packed away under a few more layers of fatty tissue to retain heat. This is also why us honkies allegedly float better also.

This would roughly produce a more impressive flaccid hang, but wouldn’t mean anything in erect comparisons.

Anything wrong with this theory? Particularly interested in physicians’ & physical anthropologists’ opinions…

I was going into walmart a while back and in the parking lot I heard a black woman who looked to be in her early 20s tell an older black woman(around 40 perhaps , could have been her mom I thought) that she was really starting to notice white men. Honestly this is what the older black woman immediately said back to her: told her to go ahead go for it if she wants to, but to be prepared for a small dick.

By then I was out of ear shot of them. The older woman’s voice tone sounded supportive to me, even though her words may not in a way. The entire debate of whether black men are bigger confuses me. I’ve been around some white women in clubs and parties that said the black guys do tend to be bigger. Were they making it up for some reason? On the other hand, I read the posts of people saying it’s not so. So confused I remain about the contradition.

Not long ago we had a thread here at Thunder’s where we discussed height of men and a possible correlation to penis length(of course with many exceptions). We looked at a survey chart and it supports that there is a mild correlation between height and penis size. In general, it seems to me that black men are taller than white men and white men are taller than asian men. If I’m correct and if the survey is correct then it is hard to turn a blind eye to for me.

Even if this is true, all races are going to have men with big dicks and men of all heights are going to have big dicks. It just means the percentage of big dick men is some higher because of a correlation. It doesn’t mean a woman who wants a big dick has to limit herself to a particular race or a particular height.

If she meets a white or asian guy that she likes do you think she is going to assume he’s got a small dick? She won’t know and he very well may be packing 9 inches. Even women that assume such won’t be sure, how can they? Unless she only likes black men, it would be foolish to limit herself to only black men if she is looking for a big dick when big dicks are all around in all races and heights.A big dick is not the only factor that is going to matter to her either.

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Nice post been there, please any more information on the topic.

Thanks for the pull up thunder.

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