just wondering if I'm getting too much rest time!?

Hi guys,

I’ve been doing some reasearch on cells and stuff like that which is related to PE, since during PE were breaking down the microtears and cells so that when the regrow that the 3 chambers inside will be able to expand and therefore hold more blood which would cause growth. On one site it stated that it takes about a day (24 hours) for a cell to grow back or be reproduced. So with my current routine which is fairly short being about 30 min or less, the reason is because I do an intense workout and not too much that I’m overworking my tool, so I start at 11:30 and I go Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, now from around 12 Thurs to 12 Fri is roughly a day (24 hours) 12 on Fri to Sat is another 24 hours, and 12 on Sat to Sun before I start again on Sunday is another 24 hours. So in a sence I’m getting like 3 days rest, if they say that it takes around 24 hours for the cells to regrow, then to be on the safe side 48 hours should be more than enough…so would it be in my best interest to start my routine back on the Saturday instead of Sunday?