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Just turned 24, Natural Growth

Just turned 24, Natural Growth

Long time lurker here. I’ve been a member of thunders for about 4-5 years and with an inability to achieve for more than a month or two at a time, my PE can be considered casual at best. That being said, rarely would more than a few months at a time elapse where I’d lay off it completely; jelqing and stretches have been something I’ve done regularly infrequently (if that makes sense).

From about 20yrs old on I’ve been unable to measure more than 6.5 BPEL and 5.15 EG despite these “spurts” of PE. After about a year where I either didn’t do PE or simply didn’t ever measure more than my 6.5, I started seeing some gains. The largest I measured at 22 was 6.6, and in all likelihood that was being optimistic or right after a workout.
At 23, nearly a year after my last documented ‘change’ I started consistently measuring 6 3/4.

I recently turned 24 and now measure just a hair under 7 and see an MS EG closer to 5.25 or 5.3 on a regular basis, with or without PE. I don’t think this is an EQ issue and my measuring hasn’t changed whatsoever. Nowadays, 6.5 is in my rear-view mirror altogether and EG *can* reach 5.5 with a base girth of closer to 5.75. NBPEL is also longer though I’ve rarely paid close attention to that. I have pictures from a few years ago and there’s a definite difference. My diet is relatively unchanged, and if anything now that I’m not in college my activity level is lower than it used to be so I can’t attribute changes to those factors.

My question is: Has anyone else seen results like this. Could it be possible that even at 24, I’m still seeing natural growth? Has anyone had this happened to them after they turned 22 or 23 and if so when did you stop growing. I understand everyone is different but some anecdotes would be appreciated. Thanks!

Started: BPEL= 6.5" EG= 5.125" Current (2/21/12): BPEL= 7.0" EG 5.4

Immediate Goal: BPEL= 7.5" MSEG= 5.5" LT Goal: BPEL= 7.75" EG= 5.75"

I think some guys do continue to have natural growth into their early 20s. I recently read a thread on another forum where a guy reported starting PE at 16 and increased length from 6” to 8.75” by the time he hit 19. Makes one wonder if PE during puberty has a symbiotic effect on growth. Not advocating it, just wondering.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
I doubt it’s natural growth at your age, but not positive. It may well be that sporadic PE is giving you gains. For a guy who is in the “less is more” category, it may be enough to see changes.

I have read guys who do 6 minutes just 3 times a week and gained 2 inches (IIRC).

Hmm, could be. Interestingly enough around the time I noticed these gains I felt I might be going through a growth spurt of sorts in other areas. I measured decided then to mark my height on my wall (at 23!) and checked again today. What do ya know, I also grew 1/4 inch in height.?

While this certainly seems to be uncommon, I don’t know that it’s unprecedented. Looking at other forums makes me think others have had similar experiences. It’s just odd because I’ve been the same height (until recently) since I was probably 17-18 and now, 6 years later I grew some more? Strange.

Started: BPEL= 6.5" EG= 5.125" Current (2/21/12): BPEL= 7.0" EG 5.4

Immediate Goal: BPEL= 7.5" MSEG= 5.5" LT Goal: BPEL= 7.75" EG= 5.75"

I haven’t actually performed any PE on mine for about 5 months, and that thing is growing. I’m 22 and started puberty late (nothing besides pubic hair until 17) - only just starting to see the gaps in my beard disappear. Entirely possible.

Guys can grow height-wise until 25, I imagine other parts of your body could also grow naturally until that time.

Mid 2006 ≈5 NBPEL -----> Mar 2011 >7" NBPEL

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