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Just to say hi

Just to say hi

Hello everyone, I just want to say that ThunderPlace is the greatest forum ever
I been using the newb’s tutorial for 2-3 wks and been gaining a lot
I start out 7” 6.25” girth
And now I’m at 8” 6.75” in girth, this is amazing, fast progress too
TY so much, and keep up the good work you guys done for all mankind :)

Oh, btw I have some question
1, how do I start posting new thread in member’s area?
2, is there a tutorial on bending the penis (I want mine to be pointing up higher :/)

Hey, blue:

20 posts and you should be able to start a thread outside of the Newbie Forum.

Make ‘em count! :D

In the meantime, check out the Tutorials Forum, or do a search for “curve correction”.


Wow just started and already a “magic” !

If I were you I wouldn’t be here. I would be too busy fucking girls. :D

Current: 8+ x 5.5

soon to be nine.

Great results man. Keep it up!

8 x 6.75 ?! That’s a big piece of salami you got there Mr.! :nodding:

Have you gained all that in 2-3 weeks? If you have, I’m thinking that a lot of that gain has to have been from general erection quality, and erectile health.

What do you reckon fellas?

You gained 1” x .5” in two weeks!? Are you measuring consistently? If you are, congrats on the gains, but I’d be careful, because it sounds like you’re putting your dick through hell.

I thought you were talking about my post at first, then I re-read BD’s post and found out who really was targetted. You had me worried for a bit wondering if my grammar skills went completely out the window. :o

Wow, bluedestiny, those are some incredible gains! Keep it up. (Well, you know what I mean)

I’m with you, Zigga. I think a lot of that is purely enhancing of erectile health.



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