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Just starting

Just starting

Hello! I am completely new, though have been reading around this forum and seeing so much success that I thought I need to give this a go for myself. I am five and a half inches atm, so if I could gain even half an inch, then that would be amazing, I’m starting the newbie routine of 2 days on 1 day off with warm up and about 40 jelqs per session followed by a cool down for 5 mins, though 40 jelqs doesnt seem that much, as it only takes a couple mins to do, is there something I am missing? Also as I am new I am not sure about all the terminology like “BPEL” or “EQ” etc etc so if they could be explained that would be great, but yeah, also is there a rough time guess that it will take to achieve half an inch at least? Thank you! And nice to meet everyone :D

Welcome another night. The newbie routine is the best starting point. About your questions, give a redat to these:

Average Results
Penis Enlargement Glossary

Good luck on your gains!

And you can get the meaning of any terminology by placing your mouse curse on the term; the meaning appears as a small hint, or on the status bar of your browser.

Welcome, and good luck.

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