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Just starting

Just starting

Hi All,

Just starting and thought I would introduce myself. I’m Ellis. And I’m in a female led relationship, which basically means my girlfriend is the boss. Not in a bossy girlfriend way, but where she is my number one all the time. Everything, including my body is hers. I realize this might seem a bit odd to some. Not a femdom or BDSM thing. Just a through and through devotion. It works great for us, so feel free to have your diverse opinions. We are both happy, but that is also why I’m on here and explaining to begin with.

I have to wear a cock ring all the time for her. And we’ve noticed that its had a noticeable change in my flaccid state, even without the ring. I told her about jelqing and that I might be able to get even more cock for her. So now alongside working out my body and keeping that to her liking, she has requested I give this a thorough go.

I just did the beginners routine for the first time. I’m starting out with 6.5” length and 5” in width. I’d love to get to 7.5x6. And of course more if possible. She will definitely keep me regular on this, so I’m not worried. I’m excited to see how things change.

If anyone has any tips please let me know. Also, when did y’all start noticing a difference? I’m eager of course, but I also want to make sure I tell her what to expect.

Thanks for letting me introduce myself! Any questions, feel free to ask. I’m going to try and be as proactive with the community and my exercises as possible.

How did the cock ring affect you? And how often did you wear it?

Originally Posted by Small blue
How did the cock ring affect you? And how often did you wear it?

I have to wear one every day, all day when I’m awake. My girlfriend likes it as a reminder that its not my cock, it’s hers. We’ve been doing this for almost a month. I typically wear 1 5/8” or 1 3/4” light metal, thin, black cock ring. Sometimes a heavier steel one of those sizes. And if she wants me hard without being squeezed a 1 7/8. The smallest applies a little pressure all day, but doesn’t cut off circulation. But when I get hard, it is tight and hard grip. Not super comfortable, definitely used to make me stay soft but fluffed up. The 3/4 is more accommodating with a light grip when I’m hard.

I take adderall for ADHD and it does have a shriveling affect, so these have definitely helped me stay more of a shower. And when I get hard there is no hiding. Might switch to always wearing the smaller rings on jelqing days to keep more pressure and keep me engorged longer. But it’s not the same level as jelqing. Just like being a super shower all day.

Nice. Have you had any gains in the flaccid department?

Originally Posted by Small blue
Nice. Have you had any gains in the flaccid department?

I think so. But I don’t have any measurements on it. I would just say at large I’m definitely thicker, maybe a little bit longer when flaccid now. I’ve always been a bit more of a shower than a grower. But I’m unsure when to take flaccid measurements. I would need to do it after a cold shower so I can have some control. Depending on the day, or how good my pants are feeling, stress, etc.. I think I’m up and down a lot. But even still, more of a shower. I especially like the thickness. I’m a small frame guy with a very young look, so I like being able to whip out a more manly cock than something that reflects the rest of my frame. The cock ring definitely helps. Took a while to get used to it though. My dick took about a week to cope. Had to wear much bigger sizes at first. Now I am able to relax into it. It’s nice when I’m warm and my nuts sag, because it makes for wearing the tighter rings, without feeling like I’m cutting off blood flow. Important to get the right size and check often until you know yourself for sure. I’d like to even where another 1/8” smaller more. I think that’d provide good restriction on the shaft. The trick being my balls cooperating.

But no matter what, I think the cock rings are fun. It’s nice to always have a bit more of a bulge. A nice reminder of what I am trying to achieve here. And in terms of my relationship, it is a continuously reminder of my devotion to my girlfriend (like a erotic wedding ring of sorts, lol). It’s just important to be really smart about your size of your rings and to check on yourself frequently. Know thyself and thine cock ring. :)

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