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Just starting

Just starting

Hey guys,

New here.. I started to jelq a couple years ago but being really young and not seeing any improvements I stopped after a few weeks. But now that I’m older I’ve learned to be abit more patient

Anyways.. I’ve had an accident that leaves me wit only one hand so jelqing with two hands is out of the question.

I use a rubber band at the base of my cock to ‘clamp(?)’ and jelq like wise.. Is this too advanced? Dangerous? Iv been doing to for about 2 weeks..
I can see my dick swell up like crazy but anyways.

I do it for about 10 - 15 minutes twice a day

Of course after about 3 minutes I take the rubber band off for about 15 - 25 seconds to restore the blood flow
And of course I warm up in the shower!

What are your thoughts? Thanks

My thoughts are: “Yikes! A rubber band on your dick.?!” Also, I’d really recommend doing the prescribed Newbie routine until you’re conditioned enough to “clamp”. Then use something you can more easily get off your dick. Maybe consider a rice-sock or some other method of warm up, too. Most guys feel that shower warm-ups aren’t sufficient. Good luck.

:_pump: :donatecar

I think rubber bands are too narrow and could put too much pressure in one spot. I would advise against it.

WHAT??? You mean you have lost the use of one of your hands or you have LOST a hand? I’m sorry man. That sucks! I also would say that a rubber band probably isn’t the best thing starting out.

How thick is the rubber band? I suppose you wear it because you are uncut? If so, dry jeqls could be a good idea.

Anyway, if your technique is so good as you are saying, and you don’t use too tight grip, I think you should be fine. If you start having too big red spots or discomfort, than take some day off and ligthen up when re-starting.

Is your one-hand issue temporary or permanent?

It’s permanent guys.. Sucks but not my issue here..

The rubber band is 3/8 of an inch.

It’s not super tight that I can’t get it off or anything.. It’s just gives pressure. Makes all the veins pop out and no, no red spots or bruising.. I’ve read the clamping page and my cock doesnt turn black but more darker and when I jelq it turns purple but returns to darker red when I’m done the jelq.
I saw the clamps and they do exactly the same thing as a rubber band.

I had nerve damage if ur wondering.. This is a PE forum and thats what I’m here for!

Thanks guys

Whats the difference between BPEL and the other one?

Originally Posted by blaze27
Whats the difference between BPEL and the other one?

I am not sure what you mean by the other one, but I am sure that you will find whatever you have in mind plus more on this page:



Starting Stats(02/02/2010): 5.92" BPEL 4.3" EG -->

Current(07/02/2011) 7.60" BPEL 4.75" EG

Goal 8.5" NBPEL 6.5" EG

NBPEL is the penis that is out of your body, without pushing the ruler against the fat pad; BPEL is what you read on the ruler pushing against the fat pad.

>> had nerve damage if ur wondering.. This is a PE forum and thats what I’m here for! <<
Sorry if I’m confused, but you had nerve damage in your hand, not to your penis, right?

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