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Just starting

Just starting

Hi everyone. I have been member for long but when I joined here, I didn’t have and the space to do PE.
But now things has changed and I have started to see what I can improve down there ;P
Oh right, I’m little bit bad shaped, so I have started to get my whole body in little better shape.

I have only been doing it around 2 weeks so far and well, nothing much has really happened, no surprise tough,
Must be patient. So my PE things I do follow as this:

Andropenis 7-10 hours a day.
Always when I wake up I do around 200-300 dry jelqs.
And I do around 300-400 kegels per day.

So that’s what I’m working on right now and well, I donno
I think I get more easily life in the little fella downstairs now than before.
Also I have been wondering if I should add “squeezes” to morning jelq sessions?
And is there anything else that I could try to fit in my schedule?
Oh and I do this every day. Or at least try to follow these every day.

So anyways, my current measures are:
Erect length 14,5cm
Erect girth 11,5cm
And I’m sorry, I’m not good with inches xD

Sorry for my bad English, if it had some xD
I’m not so good at it.

Good agenda, Ganju. I’d suggest leaving apart the Andropenis right now, and doing just on of newbie routine (look my signature.).

If you are going to report here your PE log, we’ll move it in the progress report section.

Good luck!

I’d say definitely start with the Newbie routine. Obviously you should do what works for you, but I’d say it might benefit you to do far fewer jelqs to begin with and then work your way up.

"Only those who attempt the absurd achieve the impossible."

Starting (3/30/09) BPEL: 6.2" EG: 4.3" Current (6/31/09) BPEL: 7.0" EG: 4.5"

BPEL Goal: 9" Erect Girth Goal: 6.0" <---- Gettin' closer. Need girth!

Hmm maybe true guys. Maybe I try out fewer jelqs and build it up, although I haven’t noticed any harm or so doing around 200 every morning. And I think I’m not gonna loose the andropenis because I can wear it at work easily, just wondering if I’m overdoing the jelqs since I’m also wearing the
Andropenis for such long period. I’m thinking that when around 1month or so has passed with this rhythm, should I add clamping for only 2-3times a week?
Or would it be pointless if I don’t do it more often?

And I don’t think I will start reporting, just posting now and then or something like that ;p

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