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Just starting with some quick questions

Just starting with some quick questions

Hello Everyone!

I recently stumbled upon this site and I am really interested in getting started. I just have a couple questions that maybe some of you can answer and I apologize if this question has been asked numerous time. I am going to start with the newbie guide. While reading over it, I notice it said to try 2 days of work and 1 day off. I have a girlfriend and we have been going out for quite a while and we have sex at least once or twice a week. I was wondering if on an off day, is it ok to have sex or will not count as really resting? Or even on a day of work, would it be less effective? I really look forward to starting and getting some result. Thank you for your help.

Welcome to Thunders brother. I am by no means a vet but from my understanding it’s fine to have sex on your OFF days, even on your ON days too just so long as it isn’t too soon right after your PE session.

Thats just my say, you should see what some of the more experienced people here have to say. Anyways, enjoy your stay here brother it’s a nice neighborhood.


Originally Posted by Jlpmusiced
…on an off day, is it ok to have sex…

You are putting too much thought into this.

Repeat after me: pull, jelq, sex, pull, jelq, sex, pull, jelq, sex… ad infinitum.

Jlpmusiced - Why would it make any difference? Where did you get the idea having sex (or masturbating) would affect your gains?

This topic is discussed weekly. That means a new guy asks the same question at least once a week. It got so bad we lumped them all into one thread. You might want to read it and, perhaps, contribute your thoughts:

The “Does Sex/Masturbation Hinder Gains” Debate

I just thought maybe because an off day, you would not properly be rested if you were to have sex or masturbate during an off day. I apologize for the repost. Thank you anyway for your help and I look forward to seeing great success.

Hi jlp, welcome, If you look under the right rocks you will probably find any answer to any question you might have (search helps greatly.), But I don’t think you need to apologize for anything, If questions weren’t asked over and over no one would have any reason to make a comment, I’m new as well and it’s nice to have someone reply to you just for the acceptance.

People are really cool here, most everyone gets along (not because they have to.) Anyway nice to have you aboard, and good luck.

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