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Just starting pe

Just starting pe

Hello everyone I have decided to start pe to try to get a bigger penis, for the challenge, and for my girlfriend who thinks it would be sexy if I got bigger. Although she says I am big enough for her now lol.

My starting size is as follows

Rounded to the closest 1/4 inch

FL “5 1/4

EL “7

Eg “5.5

My long term goals are to get up to “8 erect length and “6 erect girth.

Think I can do it?

Any suggestions?

My plan is to start the newbie routine and do that for 3 months and then add on to that as needed.

I am going to take arginine and maca and drink plenty of water.

I am also gonna attempt to take caffiene, fried foods,chinese food with soy, and large amounts of sugar out of my diet.

Welcome to the forum. You’ve got a really nice starting size so I believe that your goals are attainable. Definitely stick with the newbie routine and read, read, read the posts here. The diet idea would be good for anyone, not just PE’ers!! (Caffeine is my personal downfall!!) Good luck and enjoy the journey!

:_pump: :donatecar

Why no chinese food with soy? I’m trying to be healthy and eat it several times a week. Lol

Started Nov. 01, 2009: BPEL 6.35 , EG (base) 5.35 / EG (middle) 4.96 , BPFL 3.94 , FG 4.1

Goal: EL 7 - 7.5 , EG 5.5 - 6

Because soy has alot of estrogen in it. Thats the female hormone. I believe this is why chinese men tend to be the small penis much estrogen in there diet. We need more testosterone

*And ristorantepizza never ate soy again, ever*

This blows.
Good to know though, thanks.

Started Nov. 01, 2009: BPEL 6.35 , EG (base) 5.35 / EG (middle) 4.96 , BPFL 3.94 , FG 4.1

Goal: EL 7 - 7.5 , EG 5.5 - 6

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