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Just starting out...

Just starting out...

hey everyone,

first of all let me say this seems like a very tight-knit, well-run community that really takes pride in helping each other. that’s a pretty rare thing on the net imo.

anyway, i like many people, would have never thought pe was possible. i never really thought i had an issue with size until this year. i would explain it but the entire scenario that lead me to this point is too much to even put into words or even type it. let’s just say i feel like less than a man in the past few months. don’t get me wrong, i’m not miniscule, but i’m not where i want to be.

at 6 inches, i’m considered average. this isn’t enough for me anymore. more importantly, this isn’t enough for the woman i am praying i get to spend the rest of my days with.

in the past couple months, i’ve researched everything. i ended up buying extagen pills. these have increased my flacid hang, but haven’t seemed to effect my erect length, yet. i assume that like many have said on this board, these pills are bullshit.

i stumbled upon this site about a week ago and have been reading it ever since. i have been trying to pe every chance i get but i honestly don’t know where you guys seem to find the time to do this so much.

i guess i don’t really have a point to this thread other than i really hope this works for me. i’m a pretty dedicated person when it comes to doing something right so i think i should be ok. i was always the skinny kid in high school and decided to finally do something about it by working out. within 5 months i put on about 30 pounds of muscle naturally by busting my ass and taking my supplements. of course all of that work has gone to shit this year as i’ve lost 55 pounds from not eating due to me being so depressed.

anyway, i don’t want to get into all that shit. all i want to say is that i am glad i found this place and any help or advice you guys may have would be greatly appreciated.

btw, my goal is…..shit, i dunno. anything bigger than what i have now would be great. =)

de omega,

Thanks on behalf of the forum, the member’s here are very giving.

One of the things that makes this community run effectively is following some easy guidelines. Please check them out when you have the time Forum guidelines.

[End with positive comment]

If a girl has trouble with a 6” penis are you sure she will be satisfied if you get to 7” or 8”?

Forget the pills, check out the Supplement forum if you haven’t already. There are many cheaper alternatives for the same effect and the only effect these pills give that is useful for PE is increased circulation and general randiness.

Just as with body building, this is all about consitency of effort. Put in 30 minutes a day for a year and watch the difference. Start with the newbie routine, its a great routine and Luvdadus uses it still.

thanks, guys.

and my situation is strange. it’s not that i ever got complaints….

ugh, i just think i need to have something down there that blows her away. who knows. i have to do this for myself as well.

thanks again for the tips.

Three pieces of advice:

1. Do this for yourself, not any woman.

2. Don’t focus too much on target goals. Take a good set of pre-PE measurements, especially bone pressed erect length and erect girth, then measure monthly. Celebrate every gain.

3. Don’t get too excited when you start to see gains and get carried away. It is very possible to hurt yourself, especially with the advanced exercises that you may read about here.


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