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Just starting out. ADS amp; Pump Jelq required

Just starting out. ADS amp; Pump Jelq required

Hello all,

I’m just starting out, been a long time lurker, but just now finally have decided to take the plunge and “get it done”. From reading the various forums and posts, I’ve more or less decided on an ADS/Pump combination. I’m focused on long term goals and not rushing into getting a 9” tool within 9 days if you know what I mean. I’m currently 6x5.5, looking to get to 7-7.5 x 6.

I am a complete newb to this, and am looking for advice on the following;

* How to start with PE - I suspect I’ll do the newb routine, but I want to use the ADS/Pump as well - is this ok?
* When Jelqing - we are talking about NON erect penis, right?
* PC Muscle - exercising this -> increases EQ?
* Do I HAVE to Jelq in order to see results, or can I have results with ADS (Jes Extender) & Pump? (Bathmate)

When I was younger (now 30) I had significantly longer lasting erections that had literally a 1 minute refractory period, which has not been extended to a good 15 minutes if not longer depending on stress level. I find that now that I’m older and with a ton more stress, that when thoughts cross my mind regarding work I can get very easily distracted and “lose it”. I spend a good 10 hrs a day sitting down and have at most 1 hour of private time per day - that I want to dedicate to my PE.

My goals are not just to increase the size just because, I want to primarily increase EQ and get back where I was when I was 18, as well as increase size mostly for my own satisfaction. I feel that PE is very real, as I have seen the photos on this forum and there is no doubt anymore in my mind that “this works”.

Thanks in advance for any advice and comments, and I hope to make this into a progress report thread :)

Smoking section:
Regards to the refractory period, one thing which has changed since I was “younger” was that I didn’t smoke then, but do now. I have read everywhere that smoking seriously affects your sexual performance. I am trying to quit but this is made very difficult due to my girlfriend insisting on smoking. I believe that smoking has had a very detrimental effect to my sexual health, I am smoking for 5 years roughly 1/2 pack a day. I will quit.

1. Doing the newbie routine plus ADS and pump is not a good idea. It is simply too much volume for even the most conditioned units much less an unconditioned one such asyourself. Just do the newb routine for as long as you are increasing in size/EQ. Doing too much too fast will IMO shorten your potential for gaining because your penis toughens up alot faster than if you do less.

2. For jelqing you need to be semi-erect. Estimate your erection strength and jelq between 50-75%. This should give the best balance between length and girth gains. Higher erection (80-100%) should only be done by seasoned PEers who have a great deal of understanding how much stress their penis can take. Lower erection jelqs are reccommended for length work.

3. Yes doing kegels will increase your EQ. Do them whenever you can. Pay attention to your EQ though as too much with too much frequency will overstress your BC muscle and cause a decrease in EQ. Its the same logic and bench pressing everyday. You will increase in strength for a while then it will stagnate and drop.

4. In PE you don’t have to do a particular exercise to see results however jelqing is the grand daddy of all PE exercises and it is very effective. Even when used by itself it has the potential to produce alot of gains. Should be a staple in all PE routines.

BTW, I don’t understand how your girlfriend smoking prevents you from quitting? Just becasue of the temptation around you? Talk to her about you wanting to quit and ask her to refrain from doing it around you is always an option.

Hope I could be of help and good luck

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