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Just Starting My Experiences

Just Starting My Experiences

I have done a lighter version of the newbie routine twice now. I warmed up in the shower and did about 5 min of stretching up down left right holding 10 seconds. I wanted to take it really light at the beginning so I did 3 sets of 20 jelqs. After my penis become flacid again it feels pretty cold around the head and a little sore. I only plan to PE prob 2 times a week as I feel less is more. The veins under the ring of my penis are seem larger and a little darker than before. I am kind of wondering where any merit in PE is as after seeing puffy slightly discoulered veins I am curious as to how you guys could continue to damage your penis with these exercises thinking it will grow. I do see a posibility that “eventually more blood will be alowed into the penis making it bigger” but how I see it is in the long run you will be damaging your veins in your penis along with adding alot of scar tissue. Maybe my experiences are just normal. Did anyone else seem a little sore after their first week and I gather eventually the penis becomes tougher and used to it but it seems like the acumulation of scar tissue and bigger viens is what is acutally giving the image of a larger penis. Can anyone share there starting experiences and concerns with me and maybe give me the philosophy behind PE and if it is really safe or not. I look forward to continuing PE as I would like to condition my penis as I do with cardio/weightlifting for my psyique but am concerned with what actually forcing blood into the head of the penis and stretching ligaments really is doing as the penis is not a muscle and dont really see damaging and regrowth a viable argument for increasing penis size as it is more like damaging and a all in your head thing that its growing. Thanks for the help!

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To grow you need to damage (stretch) the tissues. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with larger and stronger veins as long as they are healthy. Consider it as a massage (you can’t say massage is bad) and take it easy. It may or may not grow but it surely will become healthier and stronger.

A little bit off topic but related - recently I went to a dentist. He told me that people tend to develop
cavities on the side of the mouth that is not used for chewing food (people tend to use only one side).
Chewing is sort of massage that brings blood (oxygen and nutrients) to that part of the mouth. Same is, I think, with penile excercises.


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