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Just Starting, Goals, First Workout etc

Just Starting, Goals, First Workout etc

Hi, i’ve heard of PE stuff in the past but for the most part I thought it was just a money grab spam type thing on my hotmail account but after reading some of the stories on this forum i’m pretty amazed and want to try follow in some of your footsteps.

Right now my PBEL is just under 6 and i’m hoping to achieve a solid 7 with your guys help. I’m only 5’4 tall so i think it the ladies would like it if i did =p and it would boost my confidence a lot.
My starting routine is:

5 mins hot wrap
10 mins jelq
10 mins stretch
5 mins hot wrap

Once in the morning and once at night. After the first time doing this I noticed a couple things. With the jelq i was able to stay semi hard (ie 50%) about 1/2 way through and could totally feel the blood moving, but after that it was pretty soft and i don’t know if that is as beneficial? Also when all that was done I noticed a couple red spots on me head. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, also i want to try hanging some weight but dont know if im ready yet. Anyways i’m rambling…. but im on a mission damnit! You guys rock.



First welcome to the board!

If I was you I would cut out one of your daily routines for now. You as a first timer will end up over training like that. start slow with one daily routine and build on that as the months go by and you will be fine.

And for then there dots, it is a sign of to much intensity but you don’t have nothing to worry about them. I had them to when I started almost every workout, but as time goes by they lessen.


good idea i think i’ll cut out the AM routine for the first month or so. thanks for the advice

Is there a reason why you do jelqs first before stretches?



Believe me, this works. My confidence change in that department has been the most positive side effect of my PE. I still want to get bigger, but I am no longer ‘locker room shy’, in fact quite the opposite. I feel comfortable when the size issue comes up in conversation - before I hated those conversations, especially when females were present. With my ‘new and improved’ flaccid, I would now dare to drop my shorts in public and say “Do you really think I’ve got a small dick?”

Let’s not get ridiculous and say it’s changed my life, but hey, I feel better about myself. The secret is to stick with it. Results come with time.


L O L !!!

Guiri, “I would now dare to drop my shorts in public and say “Do you really think I’ve got a small dick?” - LOL !!!

This exact thought crossed my mind many times since I gained a brand new big flaccid !:D :D :D

ù ì å í


I noticed you guys seem happy with flacid gains, what about erect gains? Do flacid gains usually come first and then erect gains?

Flaccid gains come quickly because it’s more of a circulation thing, which PE is wonderful at. Those ‘gains’ at first are really just an appearance thing. Your flaccid stretch measurement won’t really be any bigger (in the early stages) but you’ll hang much heavier.

All your measurements (which are your true gains) take a little time to start zooming up. Flaccid appearance can improve in less than a week.

Flaccid vs Erect

Depends if you are a grower or a shower, but that is usually the general trend. I was always a grower, and now I’m converting into a shower….I’m not at all huge but I would dare to say that I’m over over average flaccid (length) size…and that makes me feel good.


.. and that makes you feel good enough to _________________?

Originally posted by BusterHymes
.. and that makes you feel good enough to _________________?

…drop my shorts in public!


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